How it all began

The past 4 years we were known as the “Da Ruchte” crew. We were never excited about the name, but also just too lazy to change it. It went like this since 2008, so the last winter we just decided that a change is necessary. From that point tons of hours elapsed and nothing came to our mind. One day, it was the 01.04.2012, we just had a funny evening at a friend’s home. While hanging around and drinking some beer we were also thinking about the new crew name. So many ideas came together and finally one of us had that crucial brainwave: Growling Tribe. Perhaps the day of foundation let it sound like a April fool hoax. Translated in your own language the name doesn’t make sense, but for us there is a deeper meaning. It reflects all the good times, experiences and fun we have together. The OG Members are Marco Rinke, Dominik Hanke, Stephan Ruchte, Chris Geng, Stefan Meyer and Wolfgang Natterer. To celebrate that change we filmed a park banger at Grasgehren and Oberjoch:



But we weren’t just at the mountains the whole winter. We also filmed a street snowboarding and skateboarding movie called “Forest of the Haze”. It was produced without any budget and just beside going to work. On the 30.11.2012 we had our premiere at the Hoerbar in Oberstdorf, where all the homies appeared to see the new flick. For some impressions check Atagge. Thanks to everyone who came and made it unforgettable – it was just a blast! Special thanks to Sven Groeger / Freeride Boardshop and Hoerbar Oberstdorf, who made it all possible. At this point we also want to thank Adrian Bacani for his help creating our homepage. Surely there are many more people out there, who we like to thank. So better watch the movie till the outro haha. To stay up to date check our Facebook page or show up on again. Enough for now, just enjoy our new movie if you haven’t seen it yet:


21. December 2012