On the days after New Year’s Eve wasn’t any snow in our area. So Marco, Chris, Wolfgang, Stefan, Philip and Rootch decided to travel to Italy and France.

Everything was pretty spontaneous so we got our first problem at the arrival: Our hotel was overbooked! And the only hotels with free rooms cost about 150 bucks per night. Two ours later we found a crappy hostel 120km away.

On the next day we were searching for the first spot and ended up at this downrail.

Philip slammed pretty hard on his back and was out for the rest of the trip.
In the evening we wanted to hit the next spot but somebody called the police and our generator got broken.

Despite some heavy snowfall the third day was our most productive.

On the evening we decided to take a hotel in France just 25km away.
Bad decision… Cause of the snowfall the drive lasted about 3 hours.

On the fourth and last day our trip ended at a handrail in France.


Despite all the bad luck we had some damn funny days!

28. January 2014