One week ago the Growling Tribe Vacation went down at Hirsch Lindenberg.

The idea was to make a party without today’s techno, electro and dubstep music and celebrate 420 with all the homies!


Thanks to everyone who made it possible and all present.

We hope you had your fun!


420 cake by the girls. Thanks!


Oh my god, is the vacation really today?!




Sun addicted




You can’t have have fun being the driver?

Adrian proved the opposite hands down!


The “DJs” Marco and Rootch


What’s going on my back?




Wolfgang, Marius and ….?


OG member Stefan and female companion


Banner in the back, good job Doumi!


Juli with his selfmade patch


No words needed


Sebi going for the stage dive


Unfortunately we ain’t got much more photos but we can really say it was an unforgettable madness!

If we’ll get 420 likes on our facebook page, we are going to do the second Vacation!

29. April 2013