G Tribe’s casual Hood evening #2

We made it to the hood again

8. March 2015

G Tribe’s casual Hood evening #1

Yeh yeh yeh watch the first episode of our upcoming Nesselwang Hood series

18. January 2015


Small christmas present from the tribe

24. December 2014

Preblazin ’14

Ouh those glacier days…

15. December 2014

“Sol Naciente” Teaser

There it is… the teaser of our upcomin’ skatemovie “Sol Naciente”! Full movie droppin’ spring 2015…

2. November 2014

We’re working on it…

Yeeh the teaser of our skateflick will be out this week… better watch out fellas!

28. October 2014

Cosmic Phil…

…was where you want to be

5. October 2014

GTribe $ Tropcamp 2014



28. August 2014

Woodybunch collab

We did a collab with Woodybunch!

The shirts are available at the Woodybunch Store in Munich and their onlineshop.
Doods: CLICK
Girls: CLICK

3. August 2014