Odyssey to Nowhere

G TRIBE ‘s back!!
Get teased for our new snowboard movie “Odyssey to Nowhere”…


Be sure to attend at one of the premieres!






4. October 2015

Sol Naciente ~ Full Movie

Finally Sol Naciente made it to the web… enjoooy!


22. June 2015

Rootch’s view of the Nitro teamshoot

Rootch’s view of them slushdayyys


28. April 2015

Sol Naciente videopremiere

Next month we’ll premiere our skateflick “Sol Naciente”!






So check the teaser and see you at the parties!


4. April 2015

Spring time arrived, time to get lifted


29. March 2015

G Tribe’s casual Hood evening #2

Rootch’s view of them slushdayyys

8. March 2015

G Tribe’s casual Hood evening #1

Yeh yeh yeh watch the first episode of our upcoming Nesselwang Hood series

18. January 2015


Small christmas present from the tribe

24. December 2014

Preblazin ’14

Ouh those glacier days…

15. December 2014